Understanding FedEx Shipping Costs

One of the aspects of shipping packages is how much it is going to cost to send your parcel to its intended destination. Most people want to find the best service while maintaining a mindful attitude toward the expense. To help you make more informed decisions regarding your shipping choices, we’ve compiled information to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the elements that determine FedEx shipping cost.

Contributing Factors in Determining FedEx Shipping Costs

There are numerous factors that go into figuring out how much it will cost to ship any given specific package. The basic factors include:

  • Dimensions of your FedEx Package
  • Weight of your FedEx Package
  • Desired Pace of Sending
  • Personalization of your Shipment

Dimensions of your FedEx Package

The dimensions of the parcel you are shipping is a major contributing aspect as to how much your shipping will cost. In very basic terms, the larger the parcel, the more expensive it will be to send.

Weight of your FedEx Package

Another important determining attribute as to the expense of your shipping is how much your parcel weighs. As a general rule, the more the parcel weighs, the higher the shipping cost will be. Due to this factor, it is important to pack with intention. Make sure that your parcel does not weigh any more than is essential (while still using appropriate cushioning and durable boxes, of course).

Desired Pace of Sending

The speed at which you would like to ship your FedEx package is another contributing factor to the overall shipping cost. One feature that FedEx is recognized for is the option of overnight delivery. This is the most expensive option. If you are more flexible with the time it will take for your package to arrive, then you can save more money. Even FedEx’s less costly options are still quicker than many other large courier services. All of these options are also backed by a money-back pledge. This will provide peace of mind, regardless of which selection you make.

Personalization of your Shipment

There are many benefits that are standard for FedEx. These include things like time-specific delivery, day-specific delivery, and of course parcel tracking. There are other features that FedEx offers as well for an additional gee. Some of these offered benefits include: signature confirmation, packing assistance, and an assortment of shipping times.

Tips to Save Money when Shipping with FedEx

FedEx is committed to customer satisfaction and as such provides ways to help customers save money. Some of these aspects include: using free FedEx provided shipping boxes and avoiding the residential delivery fee by having your parcel held until you can pick it up from one of FedEx’s numerous locations.

We hope this article was helpful to you in explaining the contributing factors of FedEx shipping expenses.

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