Personalized Branded Boxed by FedEx

One of the many wonderful features that FedEx offers to its clients is that of creating personalized branded boxes for their business. This allows your organization to design a memorable first impression and gain more advertising. There are many benefits to employing the use of FedEx personalized branded boxes. Some of these attributes include:

  • Bringing more Liveliness to your Brand
  • Distinguishing your Business from the Others
  • Helping your Business Grow

Bringing more Liveliness to your Brand

Using personalized branded boxes for your business may seem like a small factor at first, perhaps an unnecessary expense. However, this first impression that your customers will receive when they see your customized box will have a lasting impression. Studies show that having your logo printed on your physical boxes really heightens and legitimizes the perception of your brand. Also, using personalized branded business boxes works as more advertising.

Distinguishing your Business from the Others

Distinguishing your business from others is an important aspect in the general topic of branding and brand awareness that FedEx is very conscious of. What makes your business different from your competitors? This can be as simple as the connection that people feel to your brand specifically and is (at least partially) expressed through the feel of your business. This feeling is illustrated though the way you present your business: your design, your, messaging, your logo, and your aesthetic. Wouldn’t it be great to have your brand distinguish itself from the masses of other brown boxes? This feature is great for businesses of all sizes as it does not require a minimum order quantity and there isn’t a plate fee included.

Helping your Business Expand

Using FedEx personalized branded boxes is a great way to help your business mature and develop. This small change to your business practices yields a high result in impact, advertising, and marketing. You can get boxes for as low a cost as $1.10 per box! That is a very small investment to help your business become everything you hope it to be.

Additional Information

  • How Soon Can I Expect to Receive my Personalized Boxes?
  • Image Quality Tips
  • Customer Service Support Contact

How Soon Can I Expect to Receive my Personalized Boxes?

This is partially up to the customer. You will need to submit your desired brand image to be printed on the side of the boxes and then approve the proof. After you have accepted the proof, the boxes have to be printed, produces, and shipped out. This process will generally take around ten business days. From there, your personalized branded boxes will be shipped out to you. The typical length of time for the shipping of your boxes is around three to five days (this is of course dependent on your locale).

Image Quality Tips

Naturally, you will want to produce a professional and aesthetically pleasing image or logo for your boxes. FedEx suggests to use at least a two hundred DPI (dots per inch) for any image to be used for your personalized branded boxes. If you use an image that is less than 200 DPI, you run the risk that your image will look pixelated.

Customer Service Support Contact

If you still have more questions or would like more help, you can contact the friendly people at FedEx to assist you by calling 980-215-0961.

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