Is FedEx Tracking Dependable?

When involved in the shipping process, either from the sending or receiving end alike, one major concern is the dependability of both the shipping as well as the reliability of the tracking provided. This feeling is often the result of encountering unreliable tracking information from a major courier service in the past. If you have experienced this, it is very unfortunate and unsettling.

FedEx Tracking Service

Most courier services provide some kind of tracking information to their customers. Just because tracking information is given, unfortunately does not mean that it is accurate or reliable. FedEx understands that it is essential for its customers to have the ability to know the status of their package in real time. To FedEx, this means providing access to the accurate, updated status of the parcel as well as well-timed notifications regarding any change in status. This process of being able track a package spans from the time the package is either picked up or dropped off from the sender to when the recipient receives their delivered package.

Reliability in Real Time

Just because FedEx expresses that they value the importance of accurate and timely updates of the status of their packages, does not mean that they follow through on this. What customers have revealed is that they feel FedEx does a great job at providing the best information available regarding parcel tracking (especially in comparison to other courier providers). This is due in part to the use of the highest rated technology to confirm that each tracking number gets appropriately updated throughout the shipping process. Another reason that customers are happy with the tracking provided is due to the various ways FedEx allows their customers to stay up-to-date.

Methods of Reliably Tracking a FedEx Package

There are various methods that FedEx has made available to their customers to accurately track the status of their package in real time. These methods include:

  • Via the FedEx website
  • Via the FedEx mobile app
  • Via phone

Even though FedEx employs the best technology to help track your package and values the importance of the ability to track your package, there can still be some hiccups in the process. Unfortunately, there is always room for human or technical error: a tracking number might be input incorrectly, a tracking number might not get updated, there could be a technical error, inefficient staffing, or some other unknown circumstance. FedEx makes sure that any of these instances are incredibly uncommon though. This means that you can depend on FedEx to give you accurate and timely information regarding the position of your package.

We hope that this article provided you with the peace of mind you were hoping for when choosing FedEx to dependably ship your package as well as give accurate tracking information.

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