FedEx Tracking Number Categories and Statuses

Using a FedEx tracking number is the easiest way for customers, both shippers and receivers alike, to get information regarding the status of their package. The FedEx tracking number is a feature used by all factions of FedEx shipping including but not limited to FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Express. There have been many questions raised about FedEx tracking numbers; one of which is the different possible categories that FedEx tracking numbers can fall into.

FedEx Tracking Number Categories

There are three categories that a FedEx tracking number could fall into:

  • active
  • inactive
  • invalid

Active FedEx Tracking Number

An active FedEx tracking number refers to a tracking number that falls into any of the following groups:

-presently assigned to a specific parcel

-newly removed from the courier system  

-will be registered with the courier system shortly

Invalid FedEx Tracking Number

An invalid FedEx tracking number refers to a tracking number that is incorrect, i.e. does not follow the tracking code format of FedEx. This This could occur if the tracking number:

  • contains too many numbers (made up of more than fifteen-digits)
  • contains too few numbers (made up of fewer than 12-digits)
  • is alpha-numerical (contains a combination of both letters and numbers)
  • contains only letters

This might suggest that your package is being shipped by a different major courier service other than FedEx. Other major courier services that the invalid FedEx tracking number could belong to include USPS and UPS.

Inactive FedEx Tracking Number

An inactive FedEx tracking number refers to a tracking number that was once in use, but has since been taken out of the courier system. A FedEx tracking number could be placed in this “inactive” category if:

  • the FedEx tracking number hasn’t been assigned to a package yet
  • the FedEx tracking number’s validity has expired due to excessive time
  • the FedEx tracking number has been removed from the courier system

Can a FedEx Tracking Number be “Pending?”

If you have not received your FedEx tracking number or if you are having difficulty locating it, you might be questioning if it is possible for the tracking number to be pending. That is, existing in an in-between stage between having the package dropped off to a FedEx but before having a specific tracking number assigned. FedEx does not have a “pending” category for its packages or tracking numbers.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in aiding you to understand the different categories and statuses that a FedEx tracking number can have or fall into.

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