FedEx Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Many of us have been faced with the daunting task of packing fragile items. The packing of such objects requires extreme attention if you want to ensure that your item remains in the same condition when it reaches its destination as before it was packed. Below, we will explore the tips and practices that FedEx provides to help you with your packing and shipping needs.

Six Strategies for Packing Breakable Objects

  • Select the Correct Shipping Box
  • Use Extra Caution While Pack
  • Ensure Item Cannot Move Around
  • Wrap Breakable Items by Themselves
  • Close Securely
  • Write “FRAGILE” on Box

Select the Correct Shipping Box

The first step to help ensure that your fragile product remains intact is to select the correct shipping box. The box that you choose should fit snuggly around your item, eliminated extra space for it to roll around in. It is important to make sure you take into consideration any cushioning material that will be required. It is recommended that the box you select be durable enough to accommodate the overall weight of the item inside.  

Use Extra Caution While Pack

It is generally best to err on the side of caution when packing your delicate object. Sometimes it is appropriate to use the double-box method of packing. To employ this method, it is recommended to pack your first box accorded to the suggestions we covered in the first step. Then, select a box that is larger than your first box by about three inches all around. Make sure you use extra cushioning between these two boxes. This will prevent more movement from occurring and a decreased chance of anything getting compressed.

Ensure Item Cannot Move Around

When wrapping or placing your cushioning around your breakable item, it is extremely important that you use the appropriate amount. To do this, put your item in the center of the box and add plentiful cushioning on all sides- make sure you don’t forget to put cushioning underneath the object. Examples of good cushioning or filler material include packing peanuts, crumpled newspaper, or air cushions – basically anything soft that will prohibit your item from moving.

Wrap Breakable Items by Themselves

If you are shipping multiple breakable items, it is critical that you wrap each fragile component by itself, with at least three inches of cushioning material, preferably air cushions. From there, you can pack the multiple fragile items together in a box, separating them and filling any unoccupied space with a filler material like packing peanuts.

Close Securely

Once your box containing your fragile item is carefully packed, it is important that you close the box very securely. To do this, FedEx recommends making an “H” formation with the tape. To do this, tape the seam of the box together, down the middle and then on each edge as well. If done correctly, any place where the box was open to allow you to fill it has now been closed and sealed with tape.

Write “FRAGILE” on Box

When your package has been securely packed and closed, attach the shipping label on the biggest surface. Then, make sure you write “FRAGILE” on the box. Be aware of the orientation in which you choose to write this – it will communicate to all handlers where the top is.

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