FedEx Door Tag

What is a FedEx Door Tag?

A FedEx door tag is basically what it sounds like; a tag or note that is left on your door if you, the recipient, is unavailable to receive your package. It notifies the receiver that FedEx Ground or FedEx Express was there.

Why are FedEx Door Tags Used?

FedEx door tags are used for several reasons. They can be left to notify the receiver that:

  • A package was effectively delivered.
  • Where the package was left (this is used to minimize the possibility of having it damaged or stolen).
  • What choices you have on the chance that you were not there to receive your shipment.

Information Included on Door Tags

The FedEx door tag can provide you with a lot of valuable information.

  • If your package is not delivered: This lists the FedEx location where your parcel can be picked up from. If you go to the FedEx website, you can enter the door tag information to make sure it is available to be picked up or to place a hold on the order.
  • Shipment Delivery attempts: This express if any or multiple trys were made to drop-off your package or if it is the last try.
  • Requirements to receive the shipment: This indicates if there is something you need to do to enable the delivery to occur. This could be something like a signature being required. In some cases, you can just sign the back to permit the courier to leave it and count that signature as confirmation of receiving it.
  • Package was successfully delivered: This is used to notify you that your parcel was dropped-off but perhaps not in the location that you were expecting. This could with a neighbor or at a side door for example.

We hope that this article was useful to you in explaining what a FedEx door tag is and what its uses are.

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