Apps To Help Track Your FedEx Package

It is important to courier service customers to be able to accurately track their package. FedEx takes this concern very seriously. The company has done its best to change with the times to remain aligned with the needs and desires of its customers. This includes creating an easy way to track their packages, wherever they are at their convenience. Today, this often comes in the form of using a mobile app on a mobile device.

Why Use Tracking Apps

There are many great features of mobile apps including convenience and customization. When apps are created, they are meant to be used specifically on mobile devices and therefore they don’t encounter problems that might arise from trying to access similar information through a web browser. These apps can also send notifications or alerts when there is a change in status. They make it easier than ever before to accurately track your shipments.

Apps to Use to Track your FedEx Package

As you would expect, FedEx has their own customized app that is meant used specifically to track packages being shipped through them. There are additional apps that also help you track your FedEx package. Some of the apps that you can use to track your FedEx package include:

  • FedEx App
  • Deliveries Package Tracker App
  • 17Track App
  • ParcelTrack Package Tracker App
  • Slice Package Tracker App
  • Parcel Delivery Tracking App

FedEx Moibile App

With this app, customers can manage their parcels from wherever they are from creating shipping labels, to tracking shipments, and getting updates on the status of their shipment. Some of the features of the FedEx Mobile App include:

  • Package tracking of all shipments, both incoming and outgoing
  • Option to receive updates on your parcel through enabling push notifications
  • Chat with a virtual customer service specialist
  • Barcode scan to simply track the shipment
  • Search packages by various methods (vendor, reference id or number, tracking number, and more)
  • FedEx compatible

Deliveries Package Tracker App

With the change in consumer behavior, having more and more items shipped directly to us the Deliveries app from JuneCloud is an awesome option to help you keep track of all your packages. You can track some orders even before they ship (some from Amazon and Apple).

Some of the features of the Deliveries Package Tracker App include:

  • Delivery countdown
  • Map of where your package is
  • Updates regarding your deliveries
  • Links to shipping company’s website
  • Syncs with calendar apps to mark date of delivery
  • Push notifications available
  • Archive of all deliveries
  • Beautiful Design
  • Notification widget available
  • FedEx compatible

17Track App

17 Track is an all-in-one package tracking app that is completely free. It includes over two hundred carriers (including FedEx of course). 17Track enables you to track up to ten different tracking numbers at a time, from various carriers. Some of the features of 17Track App include:

  • Follow numerous shipments and carriers
  • Barcode scan option for easy tracking
  • Add notes to shipments you’re tracking
  • Push notifications available
  • FedEx compatible

ParcelTrack App

This app makes it super convenient for you to check the status of all of your shipments (including your FedEx tracking) in one place.

Some of the features of the ParcelTrack App include:

  • Push notifications available
  • Delivery forecast
  • Barcode scanner
  • Who has my package
  • FedEx compatible

Slice Package Tracker App

Slice is a not only a package tracking app but also a online shopping assistant.

Some of the features of the Slice Package Tracker App include:

  • Automatically tracks packages by retrieving tracking numbers from emails
  • Assists with auto-refunds
  • Save receipts
  • Budgeting tool
  • Tack pre-orders
  • FedEx compatible

Parcel Delivery Tracking App

This shipment tracking app is a great option for those who only use Apple products.

Some of the features of the Parcel Delivery Tracking App include:

  • Over 300 delivery services included
  • Barcode scanner
  • Locate on a map where your package is
  • Notification widget available
  • FedEx compatible

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