Are you a FedEx customer? If yes, then you would have surely heard about the most popular service that FedEx offers, the service which is known as USPS Tracking service. Have you heard of it? In case you still do not know about this service, let us throw some light on FedEx tracking facility. It is the service that the United States Postal Service offers to its customers, where they have an opportunity to track their packages themselves.

fedex tracking number information

FedEx Tracking

As , we all know that all shipping companies allows us to deliver our product from one location to another either domestic or international but after shipping every one wants to know that where is the package reached or when will it get delivered so for solving this type of problems of customers FedEx has brought up the facility of FedEx tracking in which you can easily track your package and get all of the details related to the delivery of it. Their different kinds of tracking that can be done by the FedEx customers for tracking the location of their package although all of these tracking follow the same rules of tracking but still classified in different categories these are –

FedEx courier Tracking USA

With help of this service of FedEx tracking the people of USA can track their couriers which they have delivered or going to receive. Basically , this tracking service is for the domestic deliveries which are within USA to USA not in the other countries. So , with help of it you can easily track FedEx courier.

FedEx Express Tracking 

With help of this service of FedEx tracking you are allowed to track your package which has been delivered with the FedEx express service as we told you earlier that there are different kinds of services provided by FedEx so it is up to you which service you take and if you have delivered your package by FedEx express service then you can track your package with this tracking facility.

FedEx Track order

With help of this service, you are allowed to track your FedEx order or package easily although the procedure is same so it is very easy to track your order shipped through FedEx and can be tracked by FedEx package tracking.

FedEx Track Shipment

With help of this service of FedEx you can easily track your shipments delivered by FedEx like any courier or freight deliveries. For this their is a separate section provided by FedEx for your tracking.

FedEx home delivery Tracking

With help of this service all those packages or consignments which are eligible for the home delivery can be tracked easily. It is very easy and simple to track your FedEx package.

So , these above were some of the different FedEx tracking service which are being provided by the FedEx to it’s customers if you are also wanted to track your FedEx package then you can also do this. For tracking your package you just need to have the FedEx tracking number which is provided by the FedEx ship center at the time of pick up.

FedEx Tracking Number

As we told you earlier that you are having the facility of FedEx to track a package with help of the tracking number. If you are US native and you have delivered your package within the US then this service will help you a lot by FedEx tracking US as this service is for the domestic deliveries. For tracking by FedEx tracking no. you just have to follow the below mentioned easy and simple steps –

Step – 1 : So , first you need to go to the official site of FedEx which is tracking where you can easily track your package or we are also providing you the link below from which you can directly go to the FedEx tracking online site

As soon as you will click in this link you will be redirected to the new window with the home page of as shown below in the image.

Step – 2 : Now , after opening the site you need to login with your FedEx login ID and password if you are having one although it is not very necessary to login so it is just an optional task. For Login you are having the option of login at the top right side corner of the screen. So , click on this login option and then enter your username and password in the provided space.

Step – 3 : So , after logging into your FedEx account you now just need to track your package by entering the tracking id of your package. Now , as you will see the home screen you will see that there is a box on the screen saying enter tracking ID , in this box you have to type the numbers of your tracking ID which you has been given at the time of shipping of your package.

Step – 4 : Sometimes , we send more than 1 package at a time and we wants to track all of them but it is really very time taking to track one by one so , FedEx is also having an option of tracking more than packages on a single click and for this you just need to click on the option in red colour just below the tracking box and you will be able to track maximum of 30 different packages at same time in just a single click.

Step – 5 : This is the last step which you have to perform in this step you needs to just simply click on the option of Track which is present at the right side just below the box. After you click the option you will be redirected to the new window and all of your tracking details for the packages will be shown at the screen.

FedEx tracking through Mobile App

So , we have seen that how to track FedEx shipping by online tracking methods from the tracking US, now another method about which we are going to learn is of tracking your package with help of the mobile application. FedEx has recently been getting this new feature of tracking via its own mobile application.

The best part of this app is that there are many people who remains busy in their schedule and hardly got time to go online and then track their package but if you have the app which will give you all of the details very easily then it will be the great part of this service so does the FedEx it has brought up its own tracking app where you can track the status update of your package. So for tracking your FedEx package with mobile app just follow the below mentioned simple and easy steps –

Step – 1 : In the first step you needs to go to the Google play store of your android smartphone and then in the search box just simply type FedEx and then click on the search icon.

Step – 2 : Now , you have to click on the first icon appeared on your screen for FedEx and then a new screen will appear in front of you with the official FedEx app.

Step – 3 : After it you needs to click on the option of install which is present in the Middle screen right side corner of your mobile.

Step – 4 : Now , you needs to wait till the downloading gets completed. In few minutes your app will get download meanwhile you needs to allow the unknown sources for which you have to go to settings option of your mobile and then their scroll and select the option of security , in the security option you will see the option of unknown sources if it is turned off then turn it on by clicking on the icon present in front of that option.

Step – 5 : Now , after the downloading of FedEx app completed it will get automatically install and you will see an icon of FedEx on your mobile home screen.

Step – 6 : So , after you have completed all of the above steps just simply click on that icon and open the FedEx app in your smart phone.

Step – 7 : At the first time some of the sliding option of introduction about app gets open you can slide them or just simply click on the option of skip which is available at the bottom mid of the screen. Now , at first you will be required to choose your current location from the drop down list scroll down and click on the country you are residing now.

Step – 8 : Next , after selecting the your current location you will be sent to the home page of FedEx now you need to go to the menu bar which is shown by three horizontal lines at the left side top corner of your screen. Click on these lines.

Step – 9 : So , as you click on these three lines a sliding window will get appeared in from of you here you will see the option of login at the top click on this option and login here with the login details , username and password of FedEx if in case you are not having any login details then you can also directly go for tracking of your package.

Step – 10 : Now , you need to select the first option of track which is in the same sliding window. Click on this track option and get all of the details which are related to the tracking details of your package and by this you are done this is all that you have to do. Just type the tracking number of your package and then get the full status of delivery.

FedEx Tracking through Email

You are also allowed to track your package with help of the email service if you are not satisfied with any of the option then you can also send the email to FedEx with the tracking number of your package and you will get the complete details of your package in the revert mail from FedEx. For this first of all you needs to open the mailbox in your mobile like Gmail then go to the section of composed mail. In this section you will see 3 field in the field of subject you can write the tracking number of your package and in the message box you can simply type the tracking numbers and reference numbers of your FedEx packages which you wanted to track and at the same time you can send maximum of 30 tracking numbers of different packages in the same mail. Now , in the field of To you need to type the email address of FedEx which is and then send your mail to this mail address by clicking on the icon of send. Wait for some time you will get the back mail with the complete tracking details of your package from FedEx corporation. This is all that you have to do for getting tracking details with help of email address.

Closure ,

So , this is all about FedEx we come to learn a lot of things about it which were previously completely unknown and get the detail of different Services which are being provided by the FedEx so that you can send your package and choose any service according to your requirement. As, it is clearly known that text well know service of the FedEx is its overnight shipping but it is not limited up to this there are many other services also in FedEx which can be used by its customers and are really very good for them.

So , today we tried to cover almost all of the important details which should be known by the FedEx customers and help them a lot while sending or receiving any delivery from FedEx. As we can also get the details about FedEx from other sources too but the main problem that mostly arises in front of customers is of tracking, therefore, today we told you about 3 different methods of tracking with help of which you can track your package and its status.

These all methods that we told you are very simple and easy to track your package what you all have to do is just simply follow the above-mentioned steps and then track your package with help of these methods and this doesn’t matter that where your package is situated you will get all of the details of your package. So, we consider that you will not be going to face any kind of problem while tracking your FedEx package but still if any kind of problem occurs when you can simply contact us through FedEx tracking contact number we will be here for helping you and solve all of your queries.

FedEx is also known as the Federal Express among customers , it is just a courier company build by the American corporation which acts as an import or export department for the delivery of consignment on a big level in which the delivery takes place for both international and domestic level from one location to another with the use of different transportation modes.

The FedEx was first got established on 2 October in 1997 whose headquarter is currently situated in the Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx provides different kinds of delivery services but its well-known service for which it is known is of overnight shipping and is also known for the pioneering a system which deals with the facility of online tracking and also provides the customers an extra update of delivery for their package with the location at which it arrives on participate time.

Their are units in which FedEx is organized which are known as the operation units of FedEx which has their own version of the particular wordmark, these units were designed by the Lindon leader of Landor who is the associate of Francisco. FedEx is only overnight courier service which delivers its packages on the next day of shipping , currently this service is only working for the United States that is for domestic delivery , this service is based on the time you can also say that it is a time punctual service and available to some of the international deliveries also. There are lots of services which are provided by the FedEx express and this is necessary to have a general idea of them so let us come to know briefly about these services provided by FedEx to its customers :

Caribbean transport service – Up to the year 2008 the Caribbean transport was also the part of FedEx freight which was helping in providing the air services for the forwarding of freight deliveries which was running in between of United States mainland, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and some other Caribbean islands. Then after reaching the destination by means of air, the packages went out on FedEx vehicle for delivery to their respective location.

FedEx trademark – The trademark of the FedEx corporation which is known as the FedEx trademark is providing the custom insurance and transportation related services to the FedEx for the proper delivery of packages.

FedEx supply chain – The department of FedEx supply chain is responsible for the logistic services of FedEx and handle all of the products related to it and also take care for critical inventory logistics, fulfillment services, transportation Management services etc.

FedEx home delivery – The FedEx home delivery is itself the division of FedEx ground which is responsible for the deliveries to the residents or receivers address which takes place from Tuesday to Saturday in a week, the FedEx home delivery service also offers a good options of delivery which h provides a range of flexibility to the residential receivers and this service is not only limited to the delivery in United States although it also delivers international services for some countries. In it’s own country that is in the United States it is very obvious that the packages get for home delivery in standard ground trucks but if we talk about Canada then the FedEx ground operates or deliver packages for both business and residential deliveries.

FedEx service  The global marketing, information technology services and plannings these all facilities are provided by FedEx service for the other operating companies of FedEx.

FedEx office – FedEx office was previously known as the FedEx kinko which was a retail arm of the FedEx corporation which is now offering for different services like of copying , internet access , document creation , copying , professional editing or finishing , signs and graphics of the FedEx shipping , computer rentals and so on.

FedEx same day city – This is one of the division of FedEx office whose function is to provide the correct delivery in the selected zip codes by text sender or shipper on exact and less time as minimum as up to 2 hours. The facility of FedEx same day allows you to ship your package in the noon and your package will got delivered till evening at its respective location by text end of the day. This service is spreading day by day among all of the big and major cities across United States and currently it is on a plan of making its own separate division in an around coming 5 years.

FedEx ship centers – FedEx ship centers is just like a post office it is a place where the customers can drop their package for delivery and on reaching to the destination the receiver can collect their package from this center of their central location. These centers also provides you a self service of some of the facilities like for photocopy, fax machine, boxes, packing of your item, packaging and shipping for it’s customers. The hold at location service is also operated by these ship centers if you needs your package to be on hold then contact the nearest FedEx ship center of your location.

SCAC codes ( Standard Carrier Alpha Code )

These SCAC codes are the unique codes of FedEx which are used for identifying different transportation services offered by FedEx companies, this SCAC code is generally alphabetical from 2 to 4 alphabets. This criterion of coding were got developed in 1960 by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association which was for helping the companies which deal with transportation for the industries which are having the computerized data or record of all these packages and their deliveries. Let us know some of the FedEx SCAC codes –

1 . FDE : It stands for the FedEx express

2 . FDEG : It stands for the FedEx ground

3 . FXFE : It stands for the FedEx freight

4 . FXO : It stands for the FedEx office

5 . FSDC : It stands for the FedEx same day city

6 . FDCC : It stands for the FedEx custom critical