FedEx Tracking Number

Are you a customer of FedEx? If you answered yes, then it is likely that you would have heard about the exceedingly popular service that FedEx offers: USPS Tracking service. Are you familiar with it? If you are unfamiliar with this great service, this is the perfect source to find out about the FedEx tracking facility. In the most basic terms, it is a service that the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides to its customers, where they can easily track their packages themselves, without needing to call or visit a location.

fedex tracking number

FedEx Tracking

Shipping companies provide us with the ability to ship or deliver a product from one location to another, including both domestic and international. Once the package has started the shipping process, the shipper wants to know the status of the delivery- where the package is currently located or when the projected delivery date is. To put the customers of FedEx minds’ at ease, they created FedEx tracking through which you can track your package with ease as well as get all of the details related to the delivery of it.

FedEx customers can choose from a variety of tracking options for the tracking the course of delivery of their package. Regardless of which option is selected, they all follow the same high standards of tracking.

The different options are: FedEx Courier Tracking USA, FedEx Express Tracking, FedEx Track Order, and FedEx Home Delivery Tracking. Below, we will explain the differences.

FedEx courier Tracking USA

This FedEX service is for US customers wanting to track their packages within the US. With it, they can track their couriers of either packages they sent or are going to receive. Essentially, this tracking service provides information for domestic deliveries that are within the USA to the USA (not in the other countries). With the assistance of this service you can easily track FedEx courier.

FedEx Express Tracking 

The service of FedEx Express Tracking allows you to track your package when it is being shipped via the FedEx express service. This is just one of the options of shipping that FedEx offers (it is not a required service)- it is your choice as to which service you decide. If you choose to have your package delivered by FedEx express service, then you can track your package through this tracking method.

FedEx Track order

The FedEx Track Order service helps you to easily track your FedEx order or package. The process is rather similar to the others, and is therefore uncomplicated to track the order you shipped via FedEx. The progress can be followed by FedEx package tracking.

FedEx Track Shipment

FedEx Track Ship provides you with a simple way to track your package(s) that are bring delivered by FedEx including any freight or courier deliveries. For this option, there is an individualized section provided by FedEx for your tracking.

FedEx home delivery Tracking

The FedEx Home Delivery Tracking is an easy to use service that is provided to those who are sending packages or parcels for home delivery. With the help of this service, it is very easy and straightforward to track your FedEx delivery.

The options listed above are some of the different options for tracking services that FedEx offers to its customer base. If you are looking to track your FedEx package, then you can also do this. The only information you need to track your package is the FedEx tracking number, which is given to you from the FedEx shipping center when you drop it off/your package is picked up for delivery.

FedEx Tracking Number

To track a FedEx package, the only information you need is the FedEx tracking number.

If you are shipping from the US and also having your package delivered within the US, then this service will greatly help you stay up to date on the status of your delivery. The FedEx tracking service through the US is for domestic deliveries only.

To track your package by way of the FedEx tracking number, just follow the simple step-by-step instructions listed below:

Step – 1: First, go to the official FedEx site: Here, you can simply track your package. Or, you can follow the link below to go directly to the FedEx tracking page:

When you click the link you will be redirected to the new window of the home page of, as shown below in the image.

Step – 2: After arriving to the site, it will prompt you to log in with your FedEx login ID and password.

If you already have a login, that’s great, but not necessary to log in- it is optional.

At the top right corner of the page, you should see the login option. Click this login button and enter your username and password in the provided space, or create a new user login.

Step – 3: After you have successfully logged into your FedEx account,  you’re ready to track your package. Just enter the tracking id (number) of your package in the field where it asks you. Now, on the home screen page, you should see a box that reads “Enter Tracking ID.” Just type in the numbers of your tracking ID into this box. Once again, the tracking ID is the number provided to you at the time of shipping of your package.

Step – 4 : If you have sent more than one package at a time, FedEx has an option to track multiple packages with one single click-= that means no more wasted time tracking each item individually.

To do this, all you need to do is select the option just below the tracking box by clicking the option in red, an option to track up to a maximum of 30 different packages should appear.

Step – 5: This is your last step, simply click the option of “Track” which should appear at the right side just below the box. After you select this option, you will be redirected to the new window where all of your tracking details for the shipped packages will be listed in this window.

FedEx tracking through Mobile App

Another method for tracking FedEx shipping, other than through online methods via the website, is to track your package through the help of the mobile application. This is a new feature that FedEx recently started to provide to their customers who prefer to track the status of their package through the FedEx mobile application.

This mobile app tracking option is perfect for the many people who have busy schedules and hardly have time to go online and then track their package. By using the app, it cuts down on time and it provides the same details you’d receive from the online site. It is very easy to use and is a great feature. FedEx developed its own tracking app where the customer can track the status and any updates of their package.

To track your FedEx package with the mobile app just follow the easy step-by-step instructions below:

Step – 1: Go to and open the Google play store on your android smartphone. Then, in the search box simply type “FedEx” and then click on the search icon.

Step – 2: Once it loads, click on the first FedEx icon that appears on your screen. After selecting it, a new window will open with the official FedEx app.

Step – 3: Next, select the option to install the app by clicking the button in the middle to right side corner of your mobile screen.

Step – 4: Just wait a moment as the app download is complete. It might prompt you to “allow the unknown sources.” To do this, just go to the settings option on your phone and select the option of security. In the security option you will see the option of “unknown sources.” If it is turned off, then turn it on by clicking on the icon present in front of that option. If it is already on, then leave this setting as is.

Step – 5: After the FedEx app has completely downloaded, it will automatically install and you will see an icon of FedEx on your mobile home screen.

Step – 6: Next, open the FedEx app on your smartphone.

Step – 7: The first time you open the app, there will be some sliding options for an introduction about app. If you choose, you can slide through them or just simply click the “skip” option which is available at the bottom (middle) of the screen.

At first, you will be required to choose your current location from the drop-down list. Scroll down and select country where you are currently residing.

Step – 8: After selecting your current location, it will send you to the home page of the FedEx app.

Now, go to the menu bar (which is shown by three horizontal lines at the left side top corner of your screen). Click on these lines.

Step – 9 :When you click on these three lines, a sliding window will appear. Here you will see the option to login at the top. Click this option and log in with the login details: the username and password. If you do not have the login details, then you can directly go to the tracking of your package.

Step – 10: Select the first option of “tracking” which you will find in the same sliding window.

Click on this track option. This will provide you with all of the details that are related to the tracking and status of your package. Just type the tracking number of your package and then get the full status of delivery. Simple as that.

FedEx Tracking through Email

If you don’t want to track your package through the website or the mobile app, there is the option that will allow you to track your package through email. If you prefer this option, you can simply write an email to FedEx with your tracking number and they will reply you with the complete list of tracking information of your delivery (current location, scan dates, estimated delivery times).

To do this, open your email through you computer or on your mobile- like Gmail- then go to the section to compose a new email. In this section you will see 3 fields. In the field of subject, write the tracking number of your package. In the message box, simply type the tracking number(s) and reference numbers of your FedEx packages that you want to track (you can send maximum of 30 tracking numbers of different packages in the same message). Now, in the field of “To” type the email address of FedEx which is: Then send your message to this email address by clicking the send icon. You will receive an email response with the complete status and tracking details of your package from the FedEx corporation.

This is all that you have to do to obtain the tracking information and details of your package through email.


Here, we hope to have provided you with useful information about the various methods you can use to access information about tracking your FedEx delivery.

It is helpful to know what options exist whether you are the shipper or the receiver of a FedEx delivery. Choosing the right delivery method can provide you with valuable peace of mind. There are overnight options, express, priority, and many other services that FedEx provides that can be used beneficially by its customers.

This article attempted to cover the majority of important details that should be known by FedEx customers to help them while sending or receiving any delivery from FedEx. There are many sources of information out there about how to best track deliveries, but not all provide accurate or detailed step-by-step easy to follow instructions.

We shared three different tracking methods to help you successfully track your package and its status.

Each method we shared are very straightforward and make it easy to track your package. All you have to do is select a method of tracking, and then follow the corresponding steps which will allow you to track your package. With the help of these methods, it doesn’t matter where your package is, you will get all of the details of your delivery.

By using any of these methods, we are confident that you’ll successfully find what you’re looking for, butl if there are still unanswered questions of if a problem occurs, simply contact us through FedEx tracking contact number. We will be here to help you and provide answers to your questions.

FedEx, as it is commonly known, is short for The Federal Express. It is a courier company that was built by the American corporation that provides import or export departments for the delivery of products on a large-scale level in which the delivery takes place n either international or domestic spheres, from one location to another by means of different transportation methods.

The FedEx was founded in 1997 and its headquarters are currently located in the Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx provides various types of delivery services. It is perhaps best-known for its overnight shipping service. FedEx also has pioneered a system that allows easy online tracking and provides the customers extra status updates of the delivery for their package, including the location and time at which it arrives along the way.

There are units where FedEx is organized that are known as the operation units of FedEx. These operation units have their own version of the particular wordmark. FedEx is only overnight courier service that delivers its packages on the next day of shipping. Currently this service is only accessible for United States domestic deliveries. While this overnight service is only for domestic US shipping, there are expedited services for international shipping as well. There are many services that FedEx offers to ensure express deliveries. Additional Services Provided by FedEx:

Caribbean transport service – Starting in 2008, the Caribbean transport service sector of FedEx was founded. This offers freight shipping services by providing air service for the forwarding of freight deliveries between the United States mainland, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and select other Caribbean islands. After reaching the destination by means of air, the packages go out for delivery on a FedEx vehicle to their respective destination.

FedEx Trademark – The trademark of the FedEx corporation, known as the FedEx trademark, gives customs, insurance, and transportation related services to FedEx to ensure the proper delivery of packages.

FedEx supply chain – This department of FedEx, the supply chain, is responsible for the logistic services of FedEx. It handles all of the products related to its the FedEx chain of supply. It is also responsible for critical inventory logistics, fulfillment services, transportation Management services, and more.

FedEx home delivery – The FedEx home delivery is a division of FedEx ground. FedEx Home Delivery is responsible for deliveries to residents (non-business receivers address) that take place from Tuesday through Saturday each week. The FedEx home delivery service provides wonderful delivery options that offer a range of flexibility to the residential receivers. A great feature of this service is that it is not limited to deliveries within the United States- it also provides international delivery services to select countries. In the United States, home delivery packages are commonly delivered in standard ground trucks. In Canada, the FedEx ground trucks are used to deliver packages for both business and residential deliveries.

FedEx service – The FedEx Service department handles all matters relating to global marketing, information technology services, and other facility operating aspects of FedEx.

FedEx office – FedEx office was previously known as the FedEx Kinko. This was a retail section of the FedEx corporation. It offers a variety of different office-like services including copying, internet access, document creation, professional editing or finishing, signs and graphics, FedEx shipping, computer rentals, and more.

FedEx same day city – This is a division of FedEx office whose purpose is to provide quick delivery in the selected zip codes. Depending on the location and nature of delivery, this can occur in as little as only two hours. The department of FedEx same day allows you to ship out your package no later than noon and have your package delivered by evening, the same day. This service is quickly gaining popularity. Most big and major cities across the United States currently participate in this feature. If it’s not in your city yet, don’t worry, there is a plan in place to turn it into its own separate division within the next five years.

FedEx ship centers – FedEx ship centers are similar to post offices. Essentially, it is a place where customers can drop off their package for delivery and ship it to the destination, where the receiver can collect their package from another FedEx center near them. These centers also offer helpful self-service options including photocopy and fax machine, boxes, packing of your item, packaging, and shipping for its customers. If you need your package to be held, these FedEx ship centers can assist you in this service until you are able to pick up your package.

SCAC codes ( Standard Carrier Alpha Code )

SCAC codes are unique codes that FedEx uses to identify the various transportation services offered by FedEx companies. TheSCAC codes are generally composed of 2 to 4 letters. This criterion of coding was developed in the 1960s by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association to aid companies with transportation for the industries that utilize computerized data for the recording of these packages and their deliveries.

Some of the common FedEx SCAC codes are:

1. FDE : It stands for the FedEx express

2. FDEG : It stands for the FedEx ground

3. FXFE : It stands for the FedEx freight

4. FXO : It stands for the FedEx office

5. FSDC : It stands for the FedEx same day city

6. FDCC : It stands for the FedEx custom critical